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Spirit of Christmas is over for another year; the ultimate shopping marathon in Olympia is not for the weak hearted. It was my 3rd year going and I was already prepared for the sheer amount of traders; with a wide selection being familiar to me now ( I get around a bit). This year I had a shopping list prepared with lots of requests from family & clients alike. Whether they were after an event deal, some speedy personalisation, or a quality wardrobe staple there is something at Spirit for everyone.

So here are a couple of brands I couldn’t help but say hello too again because they make such wonderful stuff and a few new faces that I am happy to say I am now stalking online.

The team behind Caurnie have made one of those god honest brands without any of the fuss. They offer natural soaps and bathroom products that are genuine life changers for people with sensitive or ailing skin. Great prices, scents that are fragrant & last, alongside a kind word from Jim with every visit.

These guys have style and colour in spades and are my go to when it comes to a big birthday gift inside the family. If your lucky enough to be kitted out with something luxurious and finely crafted from them you have been good this year.

I have been dreaming about Kalinko’s homewares for a couple of fairs now. All their boho style comes from ethical sourced makers in Burma and calls to my weavers heart. Subtle but so worth it.

Rare Pear is the purchase you never regret. They have a full rainbow of colours and finishes in shoes, pouches & bags. I have an Esme Locks cross body bag that I adore as a staple of my wardrobe. P.S They also gave me the tickets to get in. Nice right.