Get something under that tree

Every year at Christmas I get excited to use my super power, shopping. It truly is a fine art to chose just the right gift for someone. But I admit I'm selfish I get such a rush buying them and wrapping I get as much from the process as the recipient. I know that some unlike me find the process pretty difficult and end up going to the same old haunts buying the similar items that no one particularly wants for the sake of the gesture.

And it is true, it is the thought that counts but you are missing out on an opportunity to discover something exciting; a new independent brand, supporting the British high street or sharing a passion with someone special. So here are some ideas for you; a mix of makers, global designers, British suppliers to search though, in no particular order or theme this year. Get inspired and get shopping you have just a week or so left!

Small Bow Bear - Tata Wild - Etsy

Inlay Brown Wireless Charger - Wood'd

Ceramic Candle Stick - Kchossack Pottery - Etsy

Sprinklet Missmatch Socks - Hansel from Basel

Elephant Decor - Zuny

Milk Chocolate Matches - Mr Stanley's