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Below are a selection of common services we offer; each tried and tested with industry practices

but also a bespoke twist to make the experience more personal to your own needs.


The Consult

All new clients have a chance to talk through their business; to identify your USP's, goals and ethics, all the things that make your business unique. Then together we would talk through all the options available to grow your business; digital improvements, how to embrace your audience, expand product line up. Whatever the goal I'll have advice and a strategy.

This includes:

-  2 hour meeting. 

- proposal of actionable advice to move forward both with or without more help from me.

-a quote for any suggested works & content examples.

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Mentoring Sessions


This newly launched package is perfect for small brands where you get both in person & online support with your businesses growth. Sometimes a new perspective is all you need; help with clarity on the concept or advice on the execution are both achievable with this when needed support option.

This includes:

- an initial introductory meeting.

- actionable advice based on your tasks.

- a provided tool kit, contacts list & timeline plan for your use.

- availability for up to 8 hours a month of technical assistance.

- review of achievements each month.

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Do you have a website?

Do you hate it? You're not alone. Lots of you have set up a website out of necessity but you aren't completely sure how it works, whether its benefiting you or if its working at its best.

We provide a website health check, in terms of user journey, load speed, SEO and general content quality check.

Need a fresh start? Using website builders which you know and love, we set up a new platform. Saving you the time and headache but then leaving you able to add, maintain and enjoy the website yourself. This can include tutorials and How To Guides if requested. 

All websites are different so each comes with a bespoke plan for each client which can be tailored after a consult or to a set budget.


First impressions are everything; you can have a great product/service but if you can't communicate it no one will know it! We work with businesses from the ground up, making sure each touch point of your business from digital to print is engaging, professional and enjoyable. Here is a short list of formats and lowest price bracket quotes.


A new logo, A brand guideline (long format) or style sheet, (short format) 


Business cards, flyer, signage (dependent on size).


Line sheets, catalogues, mail out packs, press release.

All include full proposals, crisp layouts and added unique design flairs to stand out. An example: bespoke social icons.

Social Media

Using three key post templates you can create content that suits your goals. Whether its for day to day brand activity or preparing for an important stage of your business. Note this is organic content, paid promotions/campaigns can be discussed. 

CONTENT BOOST - You get a folder of content (photography, graphics, post copy & post types) for you to use yourself on your platforms.


How WE work

We work in two types of ways: 1. A monthly retainer with a set task list (set budget) 2. By project/package bases (quoted before hand) both are paid for with monthly invoices on the last Monday of each month. We quote by a daily rate which can vary slightly dependent on task type or staff required. 


First time clients pay half up front and half upon completion; dependent on relationship we might require a contract signed before work begins. 

If working through an agency we don't work at risk with time being purchased irrelevant of whether the work ends up being used, sole responsibility of payment falls to the agency employing us for the task. We currently freelance for a couple if you wish to see a portfolio. 

For any of these services or anything else exciting get in touch for more information & next steps.
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